Who we are???
Isabel Neudecker and Harrabi raouf : a young, lovely, sweet, wonderful, beautiful, funny and crazy couple :)


Our services???

We are offering creative concepts :

+ Dynamics Advertisements : the new level of marketing : you can always change the content of your ads without paying any hidden fees. Every time you have new marketing strategy, you can publish it here to reinforce you online presence and to get high quality backlinks.

+ We are the only web platform specialized in promotion social medias : we help you to be more recognized, to get more traffic for your Website or blog, more views / likes for your YouTube videos, more fans for your Facebook page, selling more Gigs on Fiverr and  increasing the visibility of your LinkedIn profile.
 The early birds prices start at   $10/10 years (yes a full flexible page for advertisement (up to 50.000 characters) the next 10 years)

Please note that we reserve the right to cancel any order that we think it's can harm the quality of our platform: just serious honest business!!!

Why we build this website(the hidden truth)???

To be honest we think that  both real and virtual worlds are such a mess. We wanna make a difference and we will do it.

1- Our planet is suffering from Global Warming . Nobody : yes nobody can stop the increased volumes of carbon dioxide. And we all know the results : dramatic impact on the climate. Our philosophy : plant trees :) yes planting trees is very important for the environment and we think it's the only possible way for the moment. (you can read this article about Top 22 Benefits of Trees).After selling the 8200 pages, we will plant at least 10.000 trees all over the world (most of them are fruity trees and can be consumed for free). Photos and videos will prove what we are promising.

2- The virtual world is also in a big mess : Deep internet (darknet) and many creepy disturbing forums and website are online. Nobody : yes nobody can stop that. People are ready to do anything to get online money. Our philosophy : change the mentality and show the world and the next generation of internet users that they don't need to do illegal things to get money on internet. Yes Honesty pays enough. We made this website to sell 8200 pages (links to others websites / blogss/ business...) for $10 Million and when you check the prices you will see that we are genius in mathematics :) the prices are very cheap and we do not need that much of customers. Our customers can change the content any time they wanna and our website are advertising for them for the next 10 years. This website will be a piece of internet history as the The Million Dollar Homepage and even bigger because the customer can always updates the content. the one million  dollars homepage is 22% dead!!! more than  650 of the 3,066 links go nowhere.

Here some example of what we mean by horrifying Sites/ forums?

Start publishing about your online business : eCommerce solution / website / videos channel / social pages or groups / blogs...

Send an online message to the world : Honesty pays enough and no need to do any illegal staff to get money.

We need you and without you we cannot do it.

Prices start at $10/10 years : really nothing : You really don't want to miss your place.

Our goal is to get 10 million dollars online and we will do it. We will make some difference.

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